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Crane Rentals Inc. has been in business since 2004. Providing safe and quality services, we meet and exceed all your expectations! We value your opinion of us! Since we are a small company, we keep overhead non-existent and our prices low!

Founded by Kevin Sollenberger, Crane Rentals Inc. boasts over 35 years of management, welding, and crane experience. Kevin checks all work sites to ensure that you are getting a personal and working relationship for safe projects.

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If you have a major project coming up, call Crane Rentals Inc. today. We work with you to discuss all the information and details you need for your project.

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Trust all your crane needs and properties to our licensed, insured, and certified team of operators.

Ask about how we can customize your pricing to reflect you budget and length of service. Whether you have a large or a small project, we are available!

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